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Our nannies...

Who take care of hundreds of babies, entertain them, make friends with them in places where there are no parents, and can play games together, are brought up exactly as parents want and want to see. With our hourly, daily and monthly services, Alo Daya is at your service on any day and hour!


Our company presents the difference between nannies who passed the nanning school.


We send our nannies, who are responsible for the company, to any place for any number of hours.


In the "Friend of the Game" project, our game friends teach your children how to play games and how to be friends.

The concept of care in children

Childhood is the fastest year of human life. During these years, the foundations of physical, mental, social and emotional development are laid. The child tries to get to know his surroundings, to understand the relationships around him, to gain a perspective on events and to analyze events. During this development,the child's notion of caring for the environment is also formed. Feelings of anxiety increase or decrease due to the behavior of parents, teachers and friends ...

About us

The first official nanny company ...

Professionalism is always a brand! Especially when it comes to children, who are the future of the people and the state. ALO DAYA, the only company in Azerbaijan that trains and provides professional nannies, prepares professional assistants for the care of your child who are friendly, sincere, caring, educated, have passed psychological and pedagogical seminars. "ALO DAYA" company, which protects the rights of both parties by concluding a legal agreement with parents and nannies, and provides you with comfort and security, is open to any inquiries and suggestions. Our company is also responsible for any force majeure. ALO DAYA, a company that has made a name for itself in Azerbaijan, thinks of its children as well as parents. The nannies offered by the company are professionals who have received pedagogical and psychological training according to the age group of children and are provided with a health certificate. By calling the company, you can work with nannies for a certain period of time, as a whole, but only for a day or a month. When you have an urgent job, you do not need to go in search of grandmothers, aunts, aunts, girlfriends, neighbors. Don't think about who to entrust my child to. Call and the nanny will be assigned to your address. ALO DAYA is responsible for the nanny and her family. With "ALO DAYA" your child is in safe hands !!

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Company Nanny

Each employee hired by the company is selected by professionals and psychologists. The selected personnel participate in trainings organized by the company by psychologists, pediatricians and educators. Personnel participating in these trainings are provided with a certificate by passing an exam at the end. Each employee of the company concludes a formal contract with the company and is an official employee of the company. In short, the provided midwifery staff works on the basis of a contract with the company. They work on a monthly program designed by experts according to the age and month of your children. Personnel information is collected by the company, and health check-ups are held at the "Sağlam Ailə" clinic, where the company cooperates.



It is an important need for children to move. Under the sounds of music, the actions performed by listening to music develop many characteristics such as listening, attention and concentration. Children can benefit from music not only by listening but also by singing and keeping rhythm.

Music lessons are the basis of learning in the formation of each child's musical development. As a result of the knowledge, skills and habits acquired by children in music lessons, their independent musical activity is also active and interesting, holidays and festivities, leisure and entertainment hours are successful and depend on the requirements of the program and the age of the child in kindergarten.

There are many benefits to starting a music education early. Music helps children express themselves and their feelings. Starting music education at an early age gives the child the advantage of being in control, expression and sense of music.


Children learn language and speech by listening to the sounds and speech around them. Babies are very sensitive to noise. Proper and fluent speech should be used when talking to them, because the baby understands everything that is said, collects in his brain and will respond to you as needed.

In the early stages, children listen to, recognize, and imitate the sounds they hear. As they get older, they begin to build grammatically correct sentences and group things.

The child's speech formation process should be properly intervened, speech defects should be identified and corrected in a timely manner by parents or professionals.


Pediatric nutrition and nutrition studies show that at least 1 in 3 children under the age of 5 is malnourished or overweight. Most children between the ages of 6 months and 2 years do not eat foods that support their rapidly growing organs and brains. This puts them at a disadvantage in terms of poor brain development, poor learning, weakened immunity and increased infections.

When children begin to switch to soft or hard foods after reaching the age of 6 months, most of them experience malnutrition. Around the world, 45% of children between the ages of 6 months and 2 years are not given any fruits or vegetables. About 60% do not eat any eggs, milk, fish or meat products.

Children should be breastfed 6-12 hours after birth. Premature babies, weak babies, babies with birth trauma should be fed with warm milk with a spoon or pipette. It is very important to establish a proper diet from the first day. From 1-1.5 months, children should be given berry, fruit and vegetable juices. From 3-3.5 months you can give tomato, plum, apricot, cherry juice.


Swimming is a sport that everyone from children to adults can do. Swimming from an early age means being healthier and more active. If you are looking for a sport that is safe for your child, swimming is an option.

5-month-old babies can be enrolled in swimming exercises. But you should also know that at this age the child does not learn to swim. They get used to water and understand whether they like it or not. The baby in the water sleeps comfortably at night.

It is possible to teach children to swim from the age of 2-3, but it must be done in a play environment. Training under 4 should not be too serious. Create conditions for children to play in the water as they wish and love the water. You can enroll children from 4-7 years old in professional swimming lessons.


Knowledge given in the form of entertaining games is perceived by children more quickly, firmly and easily. Play is a type of learning in which the child actively and creatively learns the rules and norms of society, people's attitude to work, public property, the relationship between people. Play has a profound effect on children's social behavior, their life and the formation of relationships with each other.

Young children require special care from their mothers. And for some as a baby gets older, he or she will outgrow this. Developmental games should be used for their development. Play is a key part of children's activities. It is through games that children acquire new knowledge and skills.

Playing with children at any age is very important for their development.



20 / hours


  • 1 child/li>
  • 4 /hours
  • over hours / +5 ₼
  • 2nd child / +5 ₼
500 / month


  • 1 child
  • 9:00-18:00 /hours
  • 2nd child / +50 ₼


The company "Alo Nanny" constantly monitors the work of the nanny, protects your legal rights, always accepts and resolves complaints and suggestions from customers, monthly improves the work of the nanny in accordance with the age categories of children, provides daily and monthly programs for your child and you. Always at your service!



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