April 1, 2021

No mother is angry with her child

In fact, no mother is angry with her child. The mother is annoyed by her unfinished work, the dilapidated house, the care that she cannot provide, the inability to leave the house, the inability to spend time with her husband. The mother is angry at the inability of the Spirit to feed, at the depletion of energy, at the rest, which she needs and which she does not. The mother is angry with the model mother who is not energetic, happy and positive.

April 1, 2021

How did we learn to act as if nothing had happened?

When they beat us and told us not to cry. They teased us for something that we didn't even understand, and then they waited for us to hug them, as if nothing had happened, when they tell us what they want, when we feel guilty about the fact that we are offended, broken and sad, and that our parents make us feel obligated to love them no matter what they do, when we are silenced by saying that you are little, when they say that you are a child and we begin to doubt our identity.

April 1, 2021

The role of children in the life of the mother

With the birth of children, the life of parents changes dramatically. This change most often occurs in the mother's life. Mom is not enough 24 hours a day. The energy spent on sleepless nights is practically not enough for your personal life. This has been the case for many years. Now mothers put their plans aside and take them out of their lives, saying, "I will do this when the children grow up. " We no longer need to put any plans, care, personal development, education into the background to take care of mothers.